Tree inspection and advice

visual tree assessment-tree safety-owners duty of care-tree disease and damage-felling licences-ground improvement

Everybody enjoys beautiful and healthy trees in the surroundings, with all   the benefits they bring to people and wildlife. As an owner of a tree or trees you are however responsible for them and it is advisable to have them periodically inspected for safety.This allows you to be well informed of any problems early on and gives you a basis for a management plan to correct any defects or to reduce or remove any risk before it becomes a problem.

Diseases and pests are common in trees and especially when stressed by weather conditions, building works or by situations found commonly when trees are in close proximity to people. Ground conditions are often not perfect, and pruning can also cause problems. With good advice and experienced tree care professionals most situations can be correctly diagnosed and a good plan can often be made.

The owner  sometimes needs a license before (heavy) pruning or the removal of a tree, even dead trees.We can advise you in this and apply for a license if required

Our services:
Visual Tree Assessment- written or verbal report
Inspection for disease and damage in trees
license applications
Ground improvement