Tree Care Services

Trees are unmissable in our towns and cities, important for our environment and for us as citizens ,but when a tree outgrows its position, or is damaged by storm or sickness, then pruning or even in some cases removal can become necessary. We are specialised in tree care and ensure that this work is completed safely and correctly. To enable us to reach into the crown, especially when trees are situated in back gardens and parks, climbing with ropes and harness are the preferred method.
We offer the following services:
  • removal of trees
  • formative pruning                                               
  • thinning out the crown
  • raising the crown
  • removal of dead-wood
  • removal of unstable limbs
  • pollarding
  • planting trees
  • advice on tree choice
  • advice on disease and prevention
  • determining tree age
  • improving sites
  • disease treatment


Often before felling or pruning a tree a licence will be required, the conditions depending on which council covers your area. We can advise you  or apply for you if required.

Insurance       safety whilst pruning and removing trees is essential to both the company and the customer during operations. We take great care to follow best practice , and are also insured  for liability.


All waste can be removed if required, often first being chipped to reduce the volume whilst being taken through a house for instance. Its also possible for the customer to clear up themselves. All can costs will be shown seperately on the quote if required

Tree planting

Are services also include tree planting , and we can offer advise to help the customer make a good choice for their garden.


Stumps can usually be lowered under the ground to allow stone tiles or grass using a stump grinder. Another possibility is a sculpture, please have a look at the wood carving page for ideas. Many of the examples were carved  into the trunks of trees that had been removed. 


We visit first to make a quote for the work based on the size of the tree and the situation. Fill your details and question into the contact form and we will make an appointment.