Woodland Management

Woodland management begins with the management plan. Descibing the woodlands past and present state, it sets out the future objectives of the owner, and records a working model to achieve these objectives which can be passed on through the years to ensure that these often long term goals can be achieved.

Forestry and timber extraction with the Iron Horse

The Iron Horse has a light footprint, 2.5 psi to be exact, loaded with 1 m3 wood. This is lighter than your own footstep, which means no damage to the ground and tree roots. Not only that, but timber extraction with the Iron Horse, small and manoeuvrable, means that no extraction rack is required. This machine travels over all terrain types without trouble,between trees and on hills and slopes, perfect for first thinning s in forestry and for work on vulnerable and protected sites in nature reserves.

Our services

  • Woodland planting
  • thinning out woodlands
  • Timber extraction with the Iron Horse and ATV
  • Woodland management
  • Coppicing
  • Fire wood

Management documents

Management documents consist of a description of the woodland, its designation status,the owners objectives and a season by season, year by year plan to illustrate and direct the work. We use site visits, Arcview software and GPS mapping to create a document you can share and work with.

The documents will include:

  • Name and location of the woodland
  • An accurate map of the area including boundaries ,woodland type(s), man-made structures, and other natural attributes
  • An inventory of the timber and other resources on the stand
  • Any legal designations and constraints
  • Soil types
  • Flora and fauna
  • The objectives of the woodland for the future

Sustainable forestry means ecologically diverse woodlands which produce timber now, and in the future.