Tree Care Services

We are specialised in tree care and ensure that this work is completed safely and correctly. To enable us to reach into the crown, especially when trees are situated in back gardens and parks, climbing with ropes and harness are the preferred method. We offer the following services:


  • removal of trees
  • formative pruning
  • thinning out the crown
  • raising the crown
  • removal of dead-wood
  • removal of unstable limbs
  • pollarding
  • planting trees
  • advice on tree choice
  • advice on disease and prevention
  • determining tree age
  • improving sites
  • disease treatment

Trees are unmissable in our towns and cities, important for our environment and for us as citizens ,but when a tree outgrows its position, or is damaged by storm or sickness, then pruning or even in some cases removal can become necessary.